Jeff Ford Woodwind Repair

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How often should I have my instrument serviced?
Instruments do need to be maintained not just repaired when they break.  The same stuff we get cleaned off our teeth gets inside your instrument.  Swabs and brushes do a decent job of keeping the internal bore clean but do nothing to clean tone holes, chimneys and pad surfaces.  Also woodwind key systems are fragile mechanisms built to close tolerances.  Lubrication and cleaning are necessary for consistent performance.  I recommend a woodwind instrument be professionally cleaned at the very least once every two years.  Heavy use and outside performance require more frequent servicing.
From a medical publication a couple of years ago:
442 = the number of types of bacteria, including staph, found along with molds and yeast in high school band instruments.  Sanitizing mouthpieces and regularly sterilizing the instruments could kill some of the bugs.
How long will you have my Instrument?
I generally promise things in a week or less.  Usually I turn things around in 3-4 days.  Occasionally I can do small jobs or emergencies while you wait.
How much will it cost?
I can offer you a specific quote (or very close estimate) on a specific repair for a specific instrument upon a visual inspection in the shop.  I do not charge for estimates.  It will usually take 5 -15 minutes.  Call me for an appointment.
How do I get my instrument to you?
Bringing it to me in person is the best way.  Just call and make an appointment.  If this is not an option I do have satellite  pick-up locations at various retail stores and schools.  Call me for the details.  As a last resort UPS or Fed-Ex can be used.
No,   I do not buy or sell instruments.
Yes,   I do instrument appraisals.  I need to have the instrument in the shop for a visual inspection to do this.  I will not do it over the phone or in some virtual format.  Everyone should have their instruments appraised for insurance reasons.  I offer this service free to my customers and for a nominal fee for everyone else.
What are your credentials?
I am a professional musician (visit with a masters degree in saxophone performance from DePaul University.  I received my repair training from Keilwerth Saxophone Co., NAPBIRT and by apprenticing in other repair shops.  30 years of experience.